As we move towards a more sustainable energy future, we are seeing a surge in the deployment of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as electric vehicles, heat pumps, solar panels and batteries. Consequently, the Low Voltage network is experiencing a significant increase in both electricity consumption and generation, putting pressure on the grid to operate closer to its thermal and voltage operating limits.

This change in the energy landscape means that network operators must take a more dynamic approach to managing their grid capacity. Doing so effectively will require full visibility of the LV network, which is where VisNet® comes in.

At its core, the VisNet Hub provides voltage and current readings, giving real-time visibility of the demand across LV feeder circuits. Our suite of Capacity Apps processes this data locally on the device to provide network operators with enriched insights into their asset’s capacity. Both our Circuit Capacity App and Transformer Capacity App process real-time and historic loading data to deliver automated alerts when circuits and transformers approach, reach, or exceed their operating limits.

Circuit Capacity App

Take measurement data from the LV circuit to generate insights related to the rating of the cable or overhead line.

Developed with a variety of time horizons in mind, from short-term operations to network planning and longer-term asset investment, the Circuit Capacity App flags issues where a single LV circuit feeding one street or local area is experiencing higher demand than another.

Transformer Capacity App

Use LV circuit measurement data to create insights related to the nameplate rating of the transformer.

Developed with a variety of time horizons in mind, from short-term operations to network planning and longer-term asset investment, the Transformer Capacity App is a critical component in getting the most out of a transformer feeding multiple connected customers.

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