Low Voltage Surge Suppressor

As technology advances and our world becomes increasingly reliant on electronic devices, the need for protection against low voltage surges becomes more important than ever.

Low voltage surge suppressors are essential for safeguarding networks against unexpected spikes in electricity. These effective devices work by diverting harmful surges away from sensitive equipment and ensuring a stable flow of energy throughout your network. But in order to maximise the performance of your LV network, having full visibility is crucial.

With VisNet® products, you’re able to monitor and anticipate surges on your network in real-time, giving you the power to respond quickly and effectively.

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Powerful Insights

Improve efficiency and reduce costs with VisNet® real-time LV network surge management and visibility solutions.

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Pre-Surge Detection

Maintain your network and anticipate surges before they happen to reduce downtime, minimise disruption, and avoid costly CI and CML penalties.

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Fast Fault-Finding

Our powerful monitoring and testing tools rapidly and accurately pinpoint the cause of power surges, reducing downtime and disruption.

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Futureproof LV Monitoring

Develop resilient, low-cost energy networks with hardware and software that allows you to deploy the latest technology – long after installation.

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Deliver Cost Savings

Our intelligent LV monitoring systems provide all the information needed for successful network operation and planning, and efficiency.

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Anticipate and respond to surges

As LV networks continue to grow in size and complexity, pinpointing the cause of problems can be a daunting task. That’s where our real-time monitoring and testing tools come in, delivering accurate results and reducing the amount of downtime and disruption your network encounters.

VisNet® systems not only identify potential issues and low voltage network surges, but also provides suggestions for how to mitigate them. By taking a proactive approach to maintenance and using our powerful tools, you can decrease the likelihood of encountering costly CI and CML penalties and keep your network running smoothly

LV Surge Monitoring Products

Monitor your low voltage assets with systems and equipment that will keep you operating smoothly.

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