ALVIN Reclose2


Smarter fault management and reliable power restoration.

With ageing LV cable networks seeing a rise in intermittent faults, the problem of multiple fuse operations has resulted in unreliable supply and increased costs. ALVIN Reclose² solves this problem, managing intermittent faults and restoring power on Low Voltage networks.

Up to 80% of intermittent faults can be resolved on the first attempt without the need for substation visits, thanks to the patented design and advanced thyristor technology.

But that’s not all. ALVIN Reclose² also offers a unique feature called SafeOn®. After a power loss, SafeOn® conducts checks to determine if the fault is temporary or permanent. If it’s not permanent, ALVIN Reclose² automatically restores power without the need for a substation visit. In the case of permanent faults, it ensures safety and locks out the system.

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