ALVIN Reclose2

Smarter fault management and reliable power restoration.

With ageing LV cable networks seeing a rise in intermittent faults, the problem of multiple fuse operations has resulted in unreliable supply and increased costs. ALVIN Reclose² solves this problem, managing intermittent faults and restoring power on Low Voltage networks.

Up to 80% of intermittent faults can be resolved on the first attempt without the need for substation visits, thanks to the patented design and advanced thyristor technology.

But that’s not all. ALVIN Reclose² also offers a unique feature called SafeOn®. After a power loss, SafeOn® conducts checks to determine if the fault is temporary or permanent. If it’s not permanent, ALVIN Reclose² automatically restores power without the need for a substation visit. In the case of permanent faults, it ensures safety and locks out the system.

  • Replacement for LV fuses
  • Automatic multi-shot trip and close capabilities to manage transient faults and overloads
  • Back up fuse protected
  • Restores supplies after a transient fault with no need for manual intervention
  • Detects pre-fault activity
  • Locates faults
  • SafeON® – fault detection and current limiting technology provides safe restoration of supplies
  • Network analysis and diagnostics are available
  • Arc-less switching for improved network protection and reduction in maintenance costs
  • Factory programmed to suit different customer requirements
  • Comprehensive training, together with service support
  • Can ‘plug and play’ with ALVIN Reclose²

Business Benefits

  • Ability to identify and ‘self-clear’ multiple transient and overload faults so reducing engineering costs and delivering improved customer service
  • Simple, retrofit installation with no hidden ‘start up’ costs means the low-cost ALVIN Reclose² offers excellent cost/benefit justification
  • The ALVIN Reclose² device allows for more effective asset management, increasing reliability, efficiency and safety at lower costs
  • Reduces CML (SAIDI) and CI (SAIFI) for transient faults
  • SafeON® technology limits the amount of fault current to help avoid cable/joint damage

Web Application

The ALVIN Reclose² user interface provides the necessary visualisation required to manage your fleet of units

  • Geographical representation of equipment status
  • Dashboard display for alarms and events
  • Historical views of previous alarms and events status
  • Search and filter functionality

Relevant Projects

Proud to be supporting Low Voltage projects throughout the UK.

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