Low Voltage Fault Management

At VisNet®, we understand the critical role that efficient low voltage networks play in your business operations.

That’s why we’ve developed our range of user-friendly low voltage fault management solutions to help you quickly identify and locate issues before they impact delivery.

With our cutting-edge tools and technology, you can predict faults before they occur, and take proactive measures to ensure the smooth operation of your LV assets. Trust us to keep your LV network operating at peak performance every day. With VisNet®, you can rest easy knowing that you have the tools to maintain your critical infrastructure with ease and efficiency.

A photograph of the Cable Sniffer being used against a path, to check for faults

Powerful Insights

Improve efficiency and reduce costs with VisNet® real-time low voltage fault management and visibility solutions.

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Pre-Fault Detection

Maintain your network and anticipate faults before they happen to reduce downtime, minimise disruption, and avoid costly CI and CML penalties.

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Fast Fault-Finding

Our powerful monitoring and testing tools rapidly and accurately pinpoint the cause of problems, reducing downtime and disruption.

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Futureproof LV Monitoring

Develop resilient, low-cost energy networks with hardware and software that allows you to deploy the latest technology – long after installation.

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Deliver Cost Savings

Our intelligent LV monitoring systems provide all the information needed for successful network operation and planning, and efficiency.

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Real-Time Fault Visibility

Our user-friendly solutions empower you with real-time monitoring and pre-fault detection capabilities for your low voltage fault management needs.

Our monitoring and LV fault management systems leverage cutting-edge network data to help engineers identify and fix faulty assets, and in most cases anticipate network outages before they happen. VisNet® open data source offers unparalleled insight into power grid operation, making it easier than ever before to pinpoint issues and keep your network in operation. By leveraging the unparalleled power of our low voltage fault management technologies, organisations can drive a culture of excellence and meet their power needs with confidence.

LV Fault Management Products

Monitor your low voltage assets with systems and equipment that will keep you operating smoothly.

The Alvin reclose 2 product shot

ALVIN Reclose2

Manage intermittent faults and enable effective management and supply restoration on low voltage networks.
A photograph of the Alvin Guard, attached on a metal panel with cables


A highly predictive, data-driven pre-fault determination solution that detects LV network faults before they happen.
A photograph of a person using a polarity pen

Polarity Test Pen™

The safest way to check which low voltage (LV) conductors are live – in a complete self-testing system.

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    Gary MacDonald, Senior Project Engineer
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