VisNet Low Voltage Network Solutions

Real-time data and powerful insights to help you predict, prevent, find and fix LV network faults, fast.

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Low Voltage Monitoring
& Visibility Solutions

Cutting-edge Low Voltage management systems that keep you ahead of the curve with real-time visibility of your assets. You can quickly and easily locate faults, predict potential issues, and take proactive measures to ensure the smooth operation of your LV network.

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Low Voltage
Asset Management Solutions

With VisNet® network visibility tools and Low Voltage asset management solutions, you have complete control over your network, ensuring that it performs optimally, day in and day out.

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Low Voltage Network
Planning Solutions

Our intelligent and insightful LV management tools enable you to predict network issues, quickly locate faults, and take proactive measures to ensure your Low Voltage network is always operating at peak performance.

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Low Voltage Operations
Management Solutions

With the VisNet Hub and its suite of accompanying apps, keeping your power supply up and running has never been easier. Maintain your network and anticipate faults before they happen to reduce downtime, minimise disruption, and avoid costly CI and CML penalties.

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Low Voltage Network
Innovation Solutions

State-of-the-art monitoring systems that provides an unmatched solution for those who require a wide range of input and output connectivity options across their LV network. Bring your network together with the Low Voltage innovation solutions management tools from VisNet.

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Low Voltage Flexibility
Procurement Solutions

With access to real-time and historical loading data, it’s never been easier to identify overloaded or overloading substations and pinpoint the time and duration of any issues. By providing real-time voltage and current readings, VisNet gives network operators insights into the capacity of their assets.

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