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The LV distribution network has been in existence for over a century, and during this time a wide variety of cable types have been installed – some good, some not so good. And as the reliance on this ageing network is increasing, it is important to identify any potential issues in a timely manner.

DNOs are now turning to network data and grid automation to manage their assets more efficiently, predict and prevent failures, and identify areas where reinforcement is needed most. Faster identification and resolution of issues through real-time monitoring minimises the impact on customers and the community. The VisNet® Hub, teamed with the Reactive and Proactive Operations Apps, provides real-time alerts for loss of supply and/or pre-fault activity, as well as insights on the type of fault and its location. This data is analysed using advanced algorithms which can also determine the health of the cable circuits that make up the network.

Reactive Operations App

Use LV monitor data to quickly detect and respond to faults and outages in the distribution network.

The Reactive Operations App uses LV monitor data to allow operational teams to quickly detect and respond to faults and outages in the distribution network, improving reliability and reducing downtime, while also providing data for asset management and planning teams to optimise maintenance schedules and long-term investments.

Proactive Operations App

Use pre-fault data to proactively identify potential faults and outages in the distribution network.

The Proactive Operations App is designed for network operators and maintenance teams who need to identify potential faults and outages in the low voltage network before they occur and cause a loss of supply. By using data from LV monitors, these teams can anticipate and prevent faults and outages, ensuring a reliable power supply to customers, and reducing maintenance and repair costs.

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