Guard detects faults before they happen.

A highly predictive, data-driven pre-fault determination solution, Guard is an advanced LV Monitor designed to detect faults early and support a proactive approach to network and fault management. By identifying pre-fault events before a loss of supply even occurs, it allows you to take the necessary steps to prevent failures and minimise downtime.

Using only a minimal number of sensors, the Guard is capable of pinpointing the exact feeder way and phase(s) that are the source of the activity, empowering you with the ability to proactively manage and address potential faults. With this valuable information at your fingertips, you can act quickly to find and fix issues before they cause any disruption.

Don’t wait for failures to happen. Take control of your network and fault management with the Guard and stay one step ahead of potential problems.

Guard Features

  • Real Time monitoring
  • Monitors & measures up to 8 LV Currents
  • Self Powered
  • Suitable for live installation
  • 4G Communication
  • User Interface via Web Application


  • Pre-fault detection
  • Pre-fault location
  • Cable condition
  • Volts and Amps

Web Application

The Guard user interface provides the necessary visualisation required to manage your fleet of Guards.

  • Geographical representation of equipment status
  • Dashboard display for Alarms and Events
  • Historical views of previous Alarms and Events status
  • Search and filter functionality

Relevant Projects

Proud to be supporting Low Voltage projects throughout the UK.

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