No.1 in locating underground LV faults.

CableSniffer™ is a revolutionary tool that eliminates the need for extensive excavations when locating faults in cable insulation. By analysing the gases emitted during the breakdown of cable insulation, CableSniffer can pinpoint faults with incredible accuracy in less than an hour. This saves time, money, and resources, making it the preferred method for locating underground Low Voltage cable issues in the UK.

With CableSniffer, customers can expect faster and more reliable results compared to other methods. The instrument detects the highest concentration of gas directly above the fault, allowing for precise identification and efficient restoration of supplies to customers. This means fewer disruptions to road surfaces and significant cost savings in terms of time and materials.

In addition, CableSniffer can work in tandem with our Reclose and Hub systems, further enhancing fault-finding capabilities. This powerful combination ensures quick and effective solutions to cable issues, delivering results you can rely on.

Discover the benefits of CableSniffer and experience a smarter way to detect faults in underground cables.

CableSniffer – CS2

  • Ready-to-use kit, including test hole drill
  • Easy to transport and use, with minimal training need
  • Used by every UK Distribution Network Operator
  • IP54 Rated
  • User-defined multilingual support
  • Calibration reminder
  • Large display screen


  • Finding underground cable faults with trial excavations wastes time and money, let the CableSniffer locate the fault before excavation takes place
  • Each CableSniffer will typically pay for itself in days – and keep saving you money for every fault it locates

Business Benefits

  • Average 50% cost savings on fault location and reinstatement
  • Even greater savings where there are time-based penalties for disrupting highways
  • Under one hour typical time to locate each fault – a fraction of the time taken with conventional methods
  • Much faster restoration of services – making customers and stakeholders happy
  • Far fewer holes and trenches – with much less disruption and environmental damage
  • No need to locate faults by breaking and re-jointing healthy cables – which can introduce new faults
  • 20 years’ track record of effectiveness in the field
  • Immediate return on investment plus repeated year-on-year savings
  • Easy to use with minimal training
  • Portable and easy to transport – an ideal addition to engineers’ fault location tool kit

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