LV-CAP™ OpenLV Testing with Western Power Distribution

VisNet® and EA Technology are spearheading an innovative project that promises to revolutionise the management of the electricity network. In partnership with Western Power Distribution, we are delivering the Ofgem Network Innovation Competition project which aims to test the capabilities of a new open software OpenLV platform called LV-CAP™. 

Developed by VisNet® and EA Technology, the platform allows for monitoring of substation performance and electricity demand, and has already been installed in 80 Low Voltage substations across WPD’s network area. The platform boasts features that support network control and automation, as well as neighbourhood-level participation in network management. This system allows diverse developers to create applications tailored to the needs of the industry, communities, and network operators. With this project, the possibilities are endless, as it revolutionises the electricity network by providing local electricity data that is available for everyone to access.


LV-CAP™ will use 3 approaches to demonstrate the platform’s ability, benefiting the network owner, customers, and service providers and improving the capacity of the local electricity network.

  • Method 1: Network Capacity Uplift. Demonstrating the capability of the OpenLV platform to perform measurements and control the LV network.
  • Method 2: Community Engagement. Providing local electricity data to communities and promoting app production.
  • Method 3: Third party user engagement. Making LVCAP ™ units available to wider industry organisations who wish to use the data and support the development of apps to benefit both customers and the Distribution Network Operator (DNO).

VisNet® and EA Technology is playing a vital role in the adoption and implementation of new technology within the energy sector. Our core focus is to engage with all stakeholders and coordinate efforts to demonstrate the benefits of new technology to network operators. It’s not just about convincing the energy industry of the benefits, however; we ate also working hand in hand with community organisations to showcase how new technology can be utilised to improve the lives of local residents. Additionally, VisNet® and EA Technology are engaging with businesses and universities to promote the development of apps that utilise key network data. 

OpenLV provides an intelligent substation device that can be remotely managed and supports applications that will provide LV network data to communities as well as wider industry organisations. The project is showing the value of using new technology to improve network management and reduce costs whilst promoting the inclusion and engagement of all social groups.

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