VisNet® Detect Pro

Turn data into actionable insights.

When it comes to network operation, having comprehensive data is crucial. However, it’s not enough to simply collect this data. To truly benefit from it, we need to present it in a way that is meaningful and actionable. That’s where VisNet® Detect Pro comes in.

VisNet® Detect Pro is designed to be your window into your data. With 24/7 web-based access, you can easily view all the captured and calculated data. But what sets this system apart is how it presents the information to you.

The user interface of VisNet® Detect Pro is built for effective visualisation. It allows you to quickly identify any network issues at a glance. And if you need to dive deeper, you can drill down into the details to understand exactly what is causing the problem. Gain a clear understanding of your network operation and take control of any issues that arise.

The platform now boasts a more user-friendly interface and navigation, making it easier for you to navigate and utilise its features, improved speed for quicker response times, ensuring a seamless experience as you work, and is available across multiple languages in English, German, and French, making it more accessible to our diverse user base.

Benefits of VisNet® Detect Pro:

  • Effective visualisation of complex data from an entire Low Voltage network
  • Remote deployment and management through EA Technology’s service desk
  • Responsive web design
  • Works on a variety of devices
  • Common interface to the backend database
  • Insights from aggregated data, with powerful visualisation
  • Reduced training requirements
  • Cost-effective tiered pricing model
  • Flexible hosting options to suit your specific needs
  • Intuitive map-based user interface
  • Clear dashboard view to highlight areas of intervention
  • Detailed view of real-time and historical data available
  • Modern web-API architecture
  • Continuous development and release cycle
  • New engineering insights are added on a regular basis
  • User authentication for access control
  • Configurable privilege levels for users and administrators
  • Data download and export options
  • Fully flexible offering that adapts to accommodate client specific hosting needs – please speak to us about your specific requirements

VisNet® Detect Pro New Features

App Families and Alarms 

  • Alarms added to Detect Pro interface
  • Alarms and status categories grouped into App Families
  • Alarm view can be switched to Date based
  • Filter based on Alarms and by App Families
  • Multi-select Cable Condition filtering

Completely Redesigned Map

  • Selectable map tiles (clean, classic, satellite)
  • Improvements to cluster icon to represent alarm activity and count of substations in RAG status
  • Single substation pin now includes badge to show number of active alarms

Grid Improvements

  • Substation tiles now show more detail
  • Cards are clearer
  • Cable Condition assessments per circuit can be seen on the tile
  • Condition assessment for the substation is categorized and presented
  • Quick View allows high level substation and instrument overview without drilling into the substation data
  • Substation ordering can now be done by overall severity as well as by name

Table Improvements

  • Customisable hierarchical grouping can be applied
  • Severity and Condition columns added
  • Columns can be filtered on or off

Substation Data View Redesigned

  • Events will default to only show Pre-Fault. Filter may be turned off the view all events
  • Substation CSV download allows users to select the fields to download

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