3 options for LV monitoring

Countless specifications and strategies are being explored and adopted by the UK DNOs based on the outcomes of trials and tests of low voltage (LV) network monitoring. It’s no small challenge and DNO have significant numbers of secondary substations of which almost a quarter of a million of these are ground-mounted and potentially located at the end of your street. Therefore, monitoring all these substations is a mammoth task: here are three options for LV monitoring

Some creative which was used as the front cover of one of our blogs '3 options for LV monitoring' alongside our VisNet Hub technology being used on a desktop computer.

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A photograph of some cables and wires
Our Foresight Report busted a number of Low Voltage network myths with its findings. Read more, here.
A photograph of some solar panels and wind turbines, within a field
EA Technology has worked together with two key partners to develop an innovative power grid web portal, the Network Visibility project.
A image created to showcase that 197 VisNet hubs have been installed across Glasgow. The background shows Glasgow at night, taken from the river.
We are proud to share with you our recent media coverage of the installation of 197 VisNet Hubs across Glasgow as part of the COP26 initiative.

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