Setting KPIs for LV monitoring

Countless specifications and strategies are being explored and adopted by the UK DNOs based on the outcomes of trials and tests of low voltage (LV) network monitoring.

It’s no small challenge and DNO have significant numbers of secondary substations of which almost a quarter of a million of these are ground-mounted and potentially located at the end of your street. Therefore, monitoring all these substations is a mammoth task: here are three options for LV monitoring

Some creative which was used as the front cover of one of our blogs 'setting KPI's for LV monitoring' alongside an electric panel with buttons.

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storm-related electricity faults
With the UK weather, electricity networks face a constant challenge to prevent outages from storm-related faults - sometimes as many as 100-200 per day.
VisNet, from EA Technology, pioneers in the Low Voltage management, were featured in Electrical Wholesaler, following the updated website and rebranding.
Visnet Hub
We’re proud to announce that we have reached a significant milestone in our company history, with the recent installation of our 10,000th VisNet Hub.

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