Eurovision 2023: Liverpool City Centre doubles its LV monitoring support

SP Energy Networks enlisted the support of VisNet prior to Eurovision 2023, by installing an additional 50 VisNet Hub’s on the network for a bolstered LV monitoring.

One of the biggest music and cultural events on the calendar took place in Liverpool in 2023, as Eurovision come to the UK for the first time this century. With thousands of performers, artists and fans flocking to the city for the duration of the event, the importance of ensuring all electricity networks were ready for the increased demand was essential.

EuroVison and VisNet

Liverpool, as of 2021, was the second most densely populated of the North West’s 39 local authority areas with an estimated population of close to 500,000*. The Eurovision event is estimated to have increased this population by 20% throughout the period leading up to and after the event, resulting in a substantial surge in energy consumption, in addition to the energy required by the event itself.

Of course, it was crucial that the additional demand didn’t negatively impact the thousands of people on the network, and as such, the additional LV monitoring capability was integral to keeping the lights on for the people of Liverpool, which is where the VisNet Hub comes in.

The VisNet Hub provides visibility across the LV network for each of the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in which they are installed. Key services include, amongst others:

  • Real time monitoring
  • Data capture
  • Pre-fault detection
  • Pre-fault impedance
  • Cable condition evaluations
  • Short/long term overload assessments

A key element of the VisNet Hub, which was crucial for the Eurovision event, is its pre-fault detection. This technology can detect a range of potential faults on the electricity network before they occur to prevent possible power drops and outages. The ability to detect pre- faults helped to coordinate engineers efficiently and effectively across the city to prevent a potential fault before it happened

Using VisNet Hubs to monitor the Eurovision event in Liverpool is an effective example of how the product can support a number of key areas of Ofgem’s Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, such as system operation, network development and consumer engagement, along with supporting less downtime and power outages.

OFGEM have actually released a document, RIIO-ED2 Final Determinations Overview, that outlines the framework for regulating the electricity and gas sectors in the UK. Included within this document is information about the approved levels of investment and the incentives for innovation. This is crucial for ensuring that the energy infrastructure is modernised and able to meet evolving needs, and a large part of that evolution is a much heavier focus on monitoring and pre fault detection.

Ultimately, the UK’s electricity network requires upgrades, and a large aspect of those necessary upgrades is a bolstered monitoring capability.

For more information on VisNet and the VisNet Hub contact one of our experts.


* Data provided by the Office National Statistics (ONS),

EuroVison 2023 and VisNet

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