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When it comes to managing low voltage networks, reducing downtime is a top priority. That's why a polarity tester like the VisNet® Polarity Test Pen™ can make all the difference.

Not only is this polarity tester more accurate than other standard conductor testers, but it also boasts a self-testing function that ensures both correct function and operator safety. By quickly pinpointing the cause of the problem, electricians can reduce downtime and minimise the disruption to power systems. With the right polarity testing tools, fault-finding becomes faster and more efficient, allowing for more effective maintenance and repairs of low voltage networks.

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VisNet Polarity Test Pen™

Engineered specifically for electrical engineers, our market-leading polarity testing kit provides complete certainty when identifying live conductors – even in tight spaces with bundles of cables.

The VisNet® Polarity Test Pen™ is exceptionally precise and will only alert you when within 3mm of a live core. No current flow in the live conductor is necessary; the Test Pen Checker™ simulates the electrical field created by a live conductor, allowing for accurate discrimination between live and non-live conductors. What’s more, the Polarity Pen is self-powered and portable, making it easy to use wherever you need it.

With this tool in your arsenal, you can quickly and confidently diagnose faults, minimise disruptions, and keep your low voltage network running smoothly.

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Increased Accuracy

The innovative design of our Polarity Test Pen™ kit makes it more accurate than other standard conductor testers.

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Precise Fault Location

The precise calibration of our polarity tester discriminates between live and non-live conductors – even in bundles of cables.

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Safe & Secure

The self-testing feature ensures correct function and operator safety, giving engineers total confidence.

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Portable & Reliable

Self-powered, portable and easy to use, the reliable design of our Polarity Test Pen™ makes it a trusted favourite with LV network engineers.

Polarity Testing & Fault-Finding Products

Monitor your low voltage assets with systems and equipment that will keep you operating smoothly.

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ALVIN Reclose2

Manage intermittent faults and enable effective management and supply restoration on low voltage networks.
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A highly predictive, data-driven pre-fault determination solution that detects LV network faults before they happen.
A photograph of a person using a polarity pen

Polarity Test Pen™

The safest way to check which low voltage (LV) conductors are live – in a complete self-testing system.

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