Ensure the smooth operation of your Low Voltage assets with cutting-edge systems and equipment from VisNet®

Our market-leading range includes real-time LV monitoring systems, portable fault-finding devices, and software tools, all designed to help you proactively manage your Low Voltage network and address any faults efficiently. Stay one step ahead with our powerful insights and innovative solutions.

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Our product range

Monitor your Low Voltage assets with systems and equipment that will keep you operating smoothly.

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VisNet® Hub

Our all-in-one smart LV monitor provides real-time network visibility to support a proactive approach to network and fault management.
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ALVIN Reclose2

Manage intermittent faults and enable effective management and supply restoration on low voltage networks.
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Capacity Apps

Process real-time and historic loading data to deliver automated alerts when circuits and transformers approach, reach or exceed their operating limits.
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Reliability Apps

Faster identification and resolution of issues through real-time monitoring and alerts for loss of supply and/or pre-fault activity, as well as insights on the type of fault and its location.
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Quality of Supply Apps

Insights into changing dynamics of your LV network, from voltage fluctuations to more granular issues such as flickers and dips.
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Local Integration Apps

Our Local Integration App family consists of a series of apps that leverage insights from the range of plug-in options to the VisNet Hub.

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    VisNet are innovative and always keep moving.
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    Dave Phillips, Engineering Specialist
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    VisNet have great products and services, with very good technical advice. I found the team approachable; they listen to customers and provide continuous innovation to meet their needs.

    Gary MacDonald, Senior Project Engineer
    SP Energy Networks

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